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Sony PSP Successor NGP Game Console Announced

At the Sony Computer event at Tokyo, company CEO Kaz Hirai announced the PlayStation Portable 2 game console codenamed NGP. NGP stands for Next-Generation PlayStation. NGP will have 5 inch OLED touchscreen supporting 960x544 pixel resolution, touchscreen on the front panel, two touchpads on its back panel, front facing camera, another camera lies on the top center at the back of the console, built in stereo speaker with grills on front and built in mic, three axis accelerometer, three axis gyroscopic sensor and three axis compass, built in GPS, wireless 3G Network, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (infra and Ad Hoc) and Bluetooth 2.1. The dual analog sticks promise you DualShock experience just like the ones in DualShock controllers for PS3.

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